Monday, June 9, 2014

Agreement to Conduct Production and Financial Management for Arab German Development Organization

This agreement is between the organization Arab German Development Organization, vendors, and liason, Market and review information submitted to the Project Manger.  All vendors analyze, finance, produce records, including household budget, statements of financial conditions and adjusted income statements.
Target is to turnover profits and assets by AGDO and liability, Energime Sustainable Technology, for materials in the plant advancing education and cash flow.  Alternative companies are evaluated as well as promoted for support by United Nations and the USGov, Department of Labor, Federal housing increasing profits and clean efficiencies.
The responsibility of the agent is to  schedule classes. make corrections, prepare materials, obtain equipment, arrange a meeting location.
AGDO is responsible for costs and fee of $500
AGDO is not responsible for the training costs.  My  3%, finders fee will be invested in the education and training costs.  All modification in the above fee , approved by the President and Project Manager of AGDO and the agent, Albertine Harris.
AGDO and Agent Albertine Harris completed assignments and training sessions.
Albertine Harris

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Marketing with United Nations, Global Impact and Presentation of AGDO products

Biomass for Food and Energy by 2050

Albertine Harris representative of Arab German Development Organization is leading trade expenditure

Interviews of Franco Baldi, Radar Inventor and Fashion Sylist

Jürgen Weirauch and Christian Plath, Consultant for self-sufficient energy supply Solar and packing of food and energy products.

Completed Interviews with Inventors and Solar Associations

 The US State Department, White House(US government) are invited to a presentation at the God Awards and Caring for Humanity, with Princess Maria Amor helping to improve workforces, coordinate with Hassan Al Shareef, of Advanced Sword.  
Our activities include monitoring of Natural Gas trade, carbon credit exchange and new coal.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Power Companies, Artists and Young Entrepenuers.

International Policy Makers, Women Led Organizations lead for an organic trade with Artists and

Organizers for nuclear and clean fuels programs.

 Invest in the solar trade and a mineral oil epoch.

Costs of 25, 000,0000 will triple our land Projects used to make gas, store gas, organic feeding, the green house effect produces the gas.

  • Natural Gas
  • Feeding
  • Milk
  • Fertilizers
  • Dyes
  • Medicine
  • Plastics
Partners and products also by collaborates of New Arab International Organization for Peace market with the UN and contract as Entrepreneurs with the US State Department.

Become an Ambassador, transport, store and exchange carbon credits and offsets
sending a proposal to data @agdo .org
or fill out the form to analayze your company Ambassadors and Representatives

Kilowatts of Kindness
Albertine Harris
Energime University